Founders Day

Founders Day is a very important day in Zahira College’s annual calendar. This is a day to remember the founding fathers, benefactors and supporters of the college. This celebration started in 21st August 2013.

2017 (125th)

Oration: “Reconciliation and Muslims in Sri Lanka” by M M Zuhair PC

2016 (124th)

Oration: “A Journey through History of Muslims in Sri Lanka to Education beyond the Digital Era” by Vidyajyothi Professor Rezvi Sheriff

2015 (123rd)

Oration: “Islamic education is for reconciliation” by Prof. S. Sandarasegaram

2014 (122nd)

Oration: “Contribution of Zahira College to Sri Lankan society in the past and her role in the present and future” by Mr. Ananda Sangaree

2013 (121th)

Oration: “Why Zahira, Historic In Her Path of Success, Her Role in The Present Day Context and The Possibility of Becoming A University In The Future: An Analytical Perspective” by S.H.M.Jameel