The following measures are recommended by the Education Committee of BOG and the PTA in consultation with the College management:

Re-opening of the School  

  • 10th June 2019 – for students Grade 9 to 13
  • 17th June 2019 – for students Grade 6 to 13
  • 24th June 2019 – for Grade 1 to 13

Closing of the school

Closing of the school will be arranged in the following manner:

  • 12.45pm to 1.00pm – Grade 6
  • 1.00pm to 1.15pm – Grade 7
  • 1.15pm to 1.30pm – Grade 8 & 9
  • 1.30pm to 1.45pm – Grade 10 & 11
  • 1.45pm to 2.00pm – Advanced Level

* Subject to the approval of Ministry of Education and depending on the circumstances it can be changed.

All Academic activities of Secondary & A/L (Grade 6 – 13) shall be concluded by 12.45pm until further notice.  Regarding the Primary school, the Academic activities will be concluded by 12 noon and they will be released from 12 noon to 12.45pm in the following manner:

  • 12 noon to 12.15pm – for students Grade 1 & 2 
  • 12.15pm to 12.30pm – for students Grade 3 & 4
  • 12.30pm to 12.45pm – for students Grade 5

Parents are kindly informed to make all transport arrangements according to the above time schedules and children should be collected during the given time slots without making room for the children to loiter in the Mosque premises.

Moreover, it should be informed that no vehicles (cars, vans, three wheelers and buses) would be allowed to taken into the college or Mosque premises.  As such, they need to drop them at the gate and leave.  The College Staff, Security Officers, Prefects and PTA class representatives will take in-charge of children and they will be directed to the classrooms.  In the handing over of the students, the same pattern would be followed in the afternoons.  The traffic police will cooperate with the college to do the needful.  The police will provide necessary guidelines for the transport service providers regarding their parking facilities.

Checking of the school bags

Please be informed that all school bags, water bottles and lunch boxes will be checked by the Security officials at the College.  Special arrangements would be done accordingly.  Thus, you are advised to purchase a transparent bag, water bottle and lunch box for the children to carry.  It is not advisable to bring bags other than the transparent.

Dress code

  • Students – since ours is a boys school there is no issue but the PTA has taken a temporarily measure for the students to attend the school without the cap.
  • Staff – all lady staff members are hereby advised not to where Niqab or Burka as it has been banned by the Government.  Further, it is advised to wear coloured Abaya for those who are wearing Abayas. 

Parents meetings

Parents meetings had been curtailed and the general information of the College will be given through the college website and parents are kindly requested to refer the website and also to provide e-mail IDs to the class teachers to send various notifications.


All holiday assignments and teaching materials are expected to upload into the College website to keep the students connected with the classroom while they are away from the classroom.  Therefore, parents are advised to support the children and also to engage them in their academic activities as much as possible.  We will be notifying regarding collection and corrections of the assignments and updating the parents on the progress of the same.

Principal’s Address to Parents and Staff

  • It is contemplated to conduct the parents meeting and staff meeting via video conferencing on a date and time notified in advance.  The parents and staff are kindly requested to follow these meetings by keeping ready the facilities necessary for the same.
  • Efforts will be taken to provide workshops and lectures to the senior students on the ‘Importance of Building the Nation with Unity in order to ensure Sri Lankan Identity among them’.  Many Muslim and non-Muslim local scholars will be invited to address them in this regard.
  • Most of these measures are taken with the advice of Law enforcing authority in the area and these measures will be in operation until further notice and it could be subject to change depending on the circumstances.

Your cooperation and understanding in this regard is highly appreciated.


06th May 2019

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