Principal’s message

Principal of Zahira College, 2013

A website for the school had been a long standing requirement due to two important reasons.

Firstly, Zahira has a history of over hundred years. We have annals of college history stored in the archives of the college library. These are useful information for past students as well as outsiders who should have an access for these information. We have many of our Old Boys living abroad in several countries and we need to provide them these useful information when they are in need. Therefore a website to meet this requirement has become a very essential thing.

The second important factor is current information of the school. Presently we are fast moving towards a new era. The affiliated groups and past students living in Sri Lanka and abroad are now taking a keen interest in the affairs of this school. They are volunteering to assist us in the development works. There are constant inquiries regarding various matters related to activities of the school. We are bound to provide them instant and updated information to obtain- their assistance.

Another important factor –  the demand for information is rapidly increasing globally. Therefore we have to become adaptive and alert to keep in line with this new trend of the modern world.

I am glad to observe that best use is made of our website by all those seeking information about Zahira and its activities and I expect Mr. Ilham Head of the I.T. Unit and his team to make every effort to update and provide more and more information keeping abreast with the new developments taking place in the school.

Finally at this juncture I wish to mention the valuable services rendered by Mr. M. Azmeer. He has been the live wire behind the launching of this website from its initial stages. It is his dedication towards this project that has made the launching of this exclusive website for Zahira College a reality.

Trizviiy Marikkar

Principal, Zahira College

[email protected]