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Information for parents

General Rules and Regulations of the School

1. Facilities Fees

In terms of the facilities fees regulations made by the Board of Governors, the fee must be paid for facilities and services provided by the college. This fee must be paid by the 10th of each month. Fees should be paid at the beginning of each term or for the whole year at the beginning of the year.

2. Parent teacher interaction

Parents’ meeting is held at the end of each term in order to discuss matters related to students’ performance. In addition, if any parents wish to meet the college authority they can do so on the last Thursday of every month from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon. In such instances they should meet Director of Studies, Vice Principal or Sectional Heads. They should not directly meet the students or teachers. Parents who wish to communicate with the Principal are encouraged to use the ‘suggestions and complains’ box which is kept at the security office. No visitors will be allowed to enter the college premises without prior permission. Those who visit the school are strictly advised to be attired in decent dress keeping in mind that they enter an Educational institution

3. Students residing outside home

When a student is not residing with his parents, a guardian must be nominated by the parents. It is important to appoint a guardian suitable to hold responsibility for the student. If the boarding place is changed within the course of the year the class teacher should be informed of it and provided with the new address, telephone numbers and other details.

4. Road safety

Parents must warn children not to get in or out of moving buses and other vehicles. Parents must warn students not to travel on the foot board of buses and of dangers involved in such careless conduct. Parents should guide their children to follow road safety and regulations.

5. Educational excursions

In order to go on educational excursions, students are required to produce a letter of permission from their parents to the class teacher.

6. Entry of vehicles into school

Gates will be closed to all vehicles, which have not obtained the prior permission.

7. Other Rules and Regulations

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