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Project Profile

Project Name : Zahira College Islamic Society All-Island Inter School and Inter House Islam Day 2017
Theme : Sunnah is the Path to Success

Motto :

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِى رَسُولِ ٱللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُوا۟ ٱللَّهَ وَٱلْيَوْمَ ٱلْءَاخِرَ وَذَكَرَ ٱللَّهَ كَثِيرًا
“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often”
(Juz No. 21, Surah Al – Ahzab, Verse 21)

General Objectives :
• To encourage students to follow Sunna
• Build-up brotherhood among the students.
• Making the students practice Islamic rituals.
• Increase the level of respect & obedience given by students to the elders.

Objectives :
 Students will memorize Hadith & Quran on selected topics
 Students will know their Intellectual skills
 Students will be able to get a vast knowledge on the Islamic History
 Students will respect the teachers, elders and Non-Muslims
 Students will make maximum benefit of time
 Students will come to function in time
 Students will practice certain Ibadahs
Skills& Practices
 Students will Improve their oratorical skills
 Presentation Skills
 Leadership Skills
 Organizing Skills
 Writing Skills, etc.….


Executive Committee

  • President – Waseef Rumy
  • Secretary – Sajidh Farook
  • Vice Presidents – Hashim Mohinudeen & Fahriq Ahamed
  • Asst. Secretaries – Mafaz Mihular & Imadh Rali
  • Joint Treasurers – Umar Nazmi & Mohamed Yasir
  • Editors – Ahamed Zubair & Abdul Quaiyum
  • Coordinators – Aadhil Mansoor, Afhsan Ahamed & Aazim Fawaz


History & Introduction

Zahira College’s All-Island Inter School and Inter House Islam Day is one of the most colourful and awaited competitions among the students of our College and among the Islamic Societies of other Schools.

The Inter School and Inter House Islam Day is organized for the 11th consecutive year, thus, celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Zahira College. At the Inter School and Inter House Islam Day 2016 among the All-Island Inter Schools competitions Khairiya Muslim Ladies College was judged champions according to their all-rounder performance. At the Inter House Competitions (Intra School), Cordova House was judged as Overall Champions.

The Inter School and Inter House Islam Day organized by the Islamic Society of Zahira College is an extravagant event organized in the country show casting the colours of Zahira College as an esteemed Islamic Institution. The All-Island Inter School competitions organized, is a platform opened to all the Muslim scholars in the country to show cast their talents on a common stage and the Intra School competition organised, is a stage open to all our college students (Primary & Post Primary) to perform their talents.

In Sha Allah, this year, competitions for primary students will be organized and conducted by the teachers of the primary. The prize giving for the primary students will be done by the society under the help and guidance of the college.

The Competitions for the post Primary students and the prize giving will be organised and conducted by the society under the help and guidance of the college.

The accountability for the Zahira College All Island Inter Schools Islam Day will be taken over by our society, In Sha Allah.

Insha Allah this year the Islamic Society has planned to work under the theme “Sunnah is the Path of Success”. The society chose this theme this year because we felt that the students in the school as well as community excels in the fundamentals of education but is facing dire consequences in following the fundamentals of obedience. Therefore, we take Islam Day 2017 as an opportunity in conveying the message of obedience adhering with the Islamic monotheism.


Competitions & Islam Day Particulars


Date : 23rd to 27th of February 2017
Venue : Primary Section


Selection & Practise Period : 23rd January– 1st February 2017
Date : 7th and 8th of February 2017
Time : 2.30 PM onwards
Venue : Science & English Section Building


Date : Sunday, 12th of February 2017
Time : 8.00 AM onwards
Venue : Ghafoor Hall & Primary Section


Date : Saturday, 25th of February 2017
Time : 2.00 PM onwards
Venue : Ghafoor Hall


Competition Age Classes

1. Primary Intra School
→ Group A – Grade 1
→ Group B – Grade 2 & Grade 3
→ Group C – Grade 4 & Grade 5

2. Post Primary Inter House
→ Group D – Grade 6, Grade 7 & Grade 8
→ Group E – Grade 9, Grade 10 & Grade 11
→ Group F – Grade 12 & Grade 13

3. All Island Inter School
→ Group I (Junior) – Grade 6, Grade 7 & Grade 8
→ Group II (Intermediate) – Grade 9, Grade 10 & Grade 11
→ Group III (Senior) – Grade 12 & Grade 13

Only one Participant can participate for any individual event from any House or School


Details of Competitions

1. Primary Intra School
a. Hifl – All Categories
b. Quirath – Group C (Grade 4 & 5)
c. Story Telling – Group A & B (Grade 1, 2 & 3)
d. Speech – Group C (Grade 4 & 5)
e. Essay – Group B (Grade 2 & 3)
f. Qaseedha – Group C (Grade 4 & 5)
g. Dua – Group A & B (Grade 1, 2 & 3)

Download Primary Competition Particulars

2. Post Primary Inter House
a. Quirath – All Categories
b. Calligraphy – All Categories
c. Essay – All Categories & Mediums
d. Oratory – All Categories & Mediums
e. Card Designing – Group D & E (Grade 6, 7, 8)
f. Quiz –Open Event (Max. 4 per Team)
g. Qaseeda – Open Event (Max. 4 per Team)
h. Drama – Group F (Max. 10 per Team from a House)
i. Multimedia Presentation – Group F (Grade 12 & 13)

Download Inter House General Rules and Regulations
Download Inter House Topics

3. All Island Inter School
a. Essay – All Categories & Mediums
b. Oratory – All Categories & Mediums
c. Quirath – All Categories
d. Calligraphy – All Categories
e. Quiz – Open Event (Max.4 per Team)
f. Qaseeda – Open Event (Max. 4 per Team)
g. Debate – Open Event (Max. 4 per Team)
h. Multimedia Presentation – Open Event (Max. 4 per Team)

Download Inter School Competition Invitation
Download Inter School Entry Form
Download Inter School General Rules and Regulations
Download Inter School Topics

General Rules & Regulations

1. Competitors Age should be below 19 as at 1st of January 2017
2. Competitors should participate with respective school uniforms.
3. Schools should confirm the participation on or before 7th of February 2017. (Via e-mail or post)- Email: [email protected]
4. Students are requested to be present in their college dress code adhering to Sharia Rules and Regulations
5. One competitor can participate only in One Individual Competition
6. Registrations will be closed at 8.30 AM
7. Competitions will be held under following age categories in all three language.
→ Junior –Grade 6, Grade 7 & Grade 8
→ Intermediate –Grade 9, Grade 10 & Grade 11
→ Senior –Grade 12 & Grade 13
8. Judge’s decision would be final

Points Allocation
Participation – 01 Point
Group Events
1st Place – 07 Points
2nd Place – 05 Points
3rd Place – 03 Points
1st Place – 05 Points
2nd Place – 03 Points
3rd Place – 02 Points


Sponsorship Particulars

Advertisement on Souvenir

Half Page (Colour) : Rs. 2,000/-
Full Page (Colour) : Rs. 3,500/-

Banner Sponsorship

One Banner : Rs. 6,000/-
Two Banners : Rs. 10,000/-
Three Banners : Rs. 15,000/-
Five Banners : Rs. 20,000/-

Souvenir Cover Pages

Front Inner Cover : Rs. 35,000/-
Back Inner Cover : Rs. 35,000/-
Back Cover : Rs. 40, 000/-

Download Sponsorship Proposal
Download Sponsorship Reservation Form


Contact Details

Email : [email protected]

President of Zahira College Islamic Society

Name : Waseef Rumy
Tel. No. : +94 (77) 043 6282
Email : [email protected]

Secretary of Zahira College Islamic Society

Name : Sajidh Farook
Tel. No. : +94 (77) 165 6701
Email : [email protected]