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The glorious past of Zahira College

Zahira College, Colombo was founded in 1892 as Al Madrasathul Zahira by two of the most prominent Sri Lankan Muslims of the day, I. L. M. Abdul Aziz and Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar, with the active patronage of Ahmed Orabi Pasha of Egypt.

It is currently the largest Muslim educational institution in Sri Lanka with more than 5000 students studying there. The college is situated at the heart of Colombo city. The college also has one of the oldest mosques in the country in its premises.

Zahira means Excellence in Arabic.

Historical information

  1. The first 100 years of Zahira College
  2. List of Principals, the front runners
  3. Notable Zahirians
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Distinguished Visitors to the College
  6. Past prefects list, the student leaders of Zahira College
  7. Sports captains
    1. Cricket
    2. Soccer
    3. Athletic
    4. Boxing
    5. Hockey
    6. Table Tennis
    7. Cadet
    8. Swimming
  8. The Library (old)
  9. Gaffoor Hall
  10. Umbichy Block
  11. Muthuwappa Block
  12. ICT Labs
  13. Science Lab (old)
  14. Senior Hostel & Pavilion
  15. Printing press
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