Z Media 2008


  • A Media Day of Zahira College Colombo was celebrated on 11th September 2007
  • Exchanged ideas among the Media Units of other schools
  • Members of media unit participated in voice testing programmes conducted by the Rupavahini coperation and ITN.
  • Had a news reading training programme by Mr. Saman Kumara Ramawikrama on 31 st January 2008 for all the school media units of colombo zone.
  • A seminar was conducted under instructions of media director of the Educatuion Department for all teachers in charge of all media units in Colombo zone.
  • Amjath Madarkan a student of Zahira college was selected to read news in ‘Lama Puwath’ of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.
  • Media coverage at college functions are done by the Media unit
  • Functioning the new units after morning prayers are also done by the media unit
  • Gampaha Holy Cross College held an inter school announcing competition and Mohamed Sahith a member of Media Unit of Zahira College had won the 2nd place.

Board of officials

Position Name
Teacher in charge Mrs. Damayanthi Wickramasekera
 President M Rizne Rafeek
Mohamed Firaz
 Secretaries R.R Sherif
Rishad Saddikeen
 Treasurer M Israth Zarook
M Arshad
 Editor  I.H.M Ishfaaq
M.A.M Mirzaan
 Main Organizer  M.S.M Thabith
 Co-ordinators M.R.M Nafiz
M.R.M Nafreen
A.M Azmin
M.M Fazlan
M.S.M Shiham
T.B Eizal

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