Notable Zahirians

Reputed principals like Marhoom Alhaj TB Jaya, Marhoom A.M.A Azeez guided Zahira with extreme efficiency with multitudes of students comprising all races and produced great and responsible leaders of our society & ultimately to the world.

During the “Golden Era of Zahira” many brilliant leaders were produced and they made enormous contribution to the nation and the world at large.

Zahira produced citizens who are fluent in all three national languages. Zahira’s Magazine ‘Cresent’ towards the development of national languages was immense.


  • Desamanya Prof. M.T.A. Furkhan
  • Professors Sivathamby and Sivagurunathan widely respected Tamil scholars
  • Dr. Wesuperuma former director of Sri Lanka foundation.
  • Professor Hakeem, professor of Islamic Studies in the University of Malaysia.
  • In medicine we have Professor Rizvi Sheriff, a distinguished old boy who is a pioneer in the field of Kidney Transplantation in Sri Lanka.
  • In the legal field there are Judges & Attorney Generals such as;
    • ACM Ameer (former Solicitor General)
    • Shibley Azeez (former Attorney Generals)
    • Saleem Marsoof (former retired judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka)

Political world

…are some of the politicians Zahira produced to serve the nation


  • In Architecture among others M Haniffa now resides in England who designed TB Jaya Memorial Building and Cultural Centre.
  • Mohamed Shafie Marikar – Computer Expert

Sports field

Zahira’s contribution towards the development of sports in this country too is legendary. Zahira constantly produced players for National Team. We have the names of:


  • TP Hashim
  • V M M Meeran
  • Kumarasuwamis
  • Hasgeendeens
  • Naina Mohamed
  • Mohamed Namiz
  • Mohideen Mohammed Amanullah


Zahira is being one of the first schools to play Rugby in Sri Lanka.

  • M L M Aboosally the former Cabinet Minister
  • M Saleem
  • T M Assen
  • Ibrahim Hamid


  • A H A Sameed who was the first school boy to play of Ceylon in 1936 for Cricket
  • M S A Careem
  • A J M Lafir
  • B J M Bahar
  • Burah Brothers
  • M S Saharwadie who is also a reputed international Billiards player.
  • The indoor Cricket by M J H Bahar
    • 40 years later Hon. Gamini Dissanayake inaugurated the indoor Cricket Training for our National Cricketers

Zahira was a breeding ground for National Integration.

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  1. As a Srilankan Moor i am so proud that Zahira College has produced some of the countries cream in professions like Law. ACM Ameer And Shibley Azeez. I do hope that Zahira College continues to maintain those high standards for the future young Muslim men of Lanka.

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