Scholarships from OBA Qatar

Zahira OBA Qatar, together with PPA, have provided scholarships for 9 students who are doing very well in studies. The total offered was nearly Rs.140, 000/- which was solely funded by Zahira OBA Qatar. PPA involved in identifying the recipients with the cooperation of school authorities.

The distribution of scholarships took place charmingly at Zahira College Principals’ Office on Friday, 13th May 2011. The package included 2 sets of school uniforms, arrears of facility fees up to April 2011, advance payment of facility fees up to December 2011 and tuition class fee for next 3 months and further will be added accordingly.

We wish to thank OBA Qatar members for coming forward and joining hands together with PPA to make this excellent example of recognizing poor but bright Zahirians.

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Scholarship recipients with officials : Mr. Milhan Faizal (OBA Qatar Representative), Mr. Mohamed Fazil (President PPA), Mr. Mohamed Jiffry (Principal ZCC), Mr. Mohamed Ifthikar (Staff ZCC), Mr. Nilhar Nawaz (Sub Editor PPA)

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