Annual prize giving 2012 – 120th Anniversary

Speaking at the occasion Minister Bandula Gunawardena said, “Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students studying in our schools may follow whatever religion. Our country is providing free books, uniforms and some schools also give free meals.”

He further said that the Sri Lanka Muslim community and education have a very close connection due to former Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s Government appointing the Dr. Baduidin Mahmood as Minister of Education.

The Minister said he would help Zahira like other schools and appealed to old boys and parents to work for school development.

The Old Boys Association President and Board of Governors Chairman Fowzul Hameed said Zahira College was established in the year 1892 and that former Principals like Dr. T.B. Jayah and Dr. A.M.A. Azeez have done great service to the country, producing eminent leaders for the community. Concluding his speech, he said good education must be provided to all children.

Minister Gunawardena and Guest of Honour distinguished old boy Prof. Tuley de Silva distributed prizes for winners.

Guest of Honour Prof. Tuley De Silva presented N.D.H. Abdul Gaffoor Gold Medal and Prof. M.T.A.  Furkhan Gold Medal award to Best All rounder of the Year 2010 to Rizmi Rafeek and Best All Rounder of the Year 2011 to A.K.M. Rifkan.

A.H.M.Azwer MP, Deputy Principal Trizvi Marikkar, Vice Principals Ananda Ponnemperuma, R. Ravindran , Mrs. Malnie Gunarathne, Members of the Board of Governors, Old Boys, parents and students were present at this ceremony.

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