The Library (old)

After principal (AMA Azeez) assume duties in 1948 steps had been taken for providing the students for a separate library building for the college. The full cost of which met by Mr. AEM Usoof it was indented to set a part one room in library for lecture theatre equipped with cinema projector which was promised by Mr. SDM Mansoor they had a donation from Mrs. Akbar KC of 342 volumes belonged to the library of the late Honorable Mr. MT Akbar KC. The foundation stone for the library building was laid on December 15th in 1951 in the presence of AEM Usoof the donor. It is in records that various donors of books, the authors, book publishers who had been kind enough to furnish with free gifts of their publications and emphasis for the supply of their publication regarding their countries helped to start the library in the high way and immediate extremism was needed to the library in 1954 and a class room was given to the library by the principal to use as a reading room. The reading room was enriched with magazines at that time the library processed the following divisions lending, general reading room, reference and class libraries were also arranged. The librarian of the school was MLM Farook.

In 1956 Asia foundation donated Rs 75000 towards the establishment of a library building and it is named as Ceylon Muslim cultural center. Pakistan Rs 25000 towards the same purpose. In 1961 December the library has shifted from the previously used classrooms to the Ceylon muslim cultural center

Mr. MLM Farook continued to be the librarian and he has retired after more than 30 years of service in 1983 after him several librarians, Mr. Abbhas, Mrs. Prathabasinghe, Mrs. kanagarathnam and some of the librarians worked in Zahra library. In 1997 Mrs. Rajaratnam joined as librarian. A computer has been donated by the national development bank in 1999 by the effort of the principal Mr. Ismail but after many two years by the AL students others by technical problems the computer was discarded .

The members on roll of the  school increased the cultural center  was not enough to student population thus in 2009 foundation stone was laid for three storey building which comprises of an auditorium a library and a class rooms namely Al Makthoom Building.

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