Young Inventor’s Club

Kids are titans of innovation, from the way they play to the way they create. Despite their short tenure on Earth, we should respect their ability to generate great ideas. Young Inventor’s Club at Zahira nurturers these young minds give them a platform to showcase their great ideas.

You might ask, “with everything else they have to learn, why take the time for inventing?” Research has shown that inventing will enhance self-image, stimulate and foster creativity, relate the scientific method to real life and develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual risk-taking, and communication. Students will also solve actual problems, develop higher-level thinking skills and use creative and critical thinking skills. They will begin to use library and other research skills and learn to document the inventive-thinking process.

The invention process provides an opportunity for all students to participate and be successful. All children can identify problems in their homes, schools or neighborhoods, as almost every day of their lives they will face at least one problem or challenge they must overcome. Some examples of real-life problems, identified and solved by students might be how to tackle an unmade bed or assist a grandmother with a broken leg that must be elevated when she sits. A unit on inventive thinking, which includes the production of an original invention, is limited only by the imagination of the teachers and students!

Here’s a video clip of our young inventor, explaining his many creations at the “Crescent Lights 125” exhibition.

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