Zahira’s first 100 years

Community management

Mr. A. C. M. Ameer, QC was the first Chairman of the Board of Governors followed by Hon. M. A. Bakeer Markar MP, Prof. M. T. A. Furkhan, Al Haj M. H. M. Naina Marikar and Al Haj A. Raheman M Hathy.

After the new Board took over on 9.7.1982, Mr. M. S. Allapitchai continued to function as Acting Principal followed by Mr. R. I. T. Alles as Director of Studies and co-curricular activities, and Messrs A. C. M. Zeirudeen, Saeed M. Irshad, T. D. Hannan, A. Z. Omerdeen as Principal. Mr. A. M. Sameen, the present Principal took up appointment on 1.8.1990.
On 27.03.1985 a three-storied block with 12 classrooms constructed at a cost of nearly two million rupees contributed by parents and well-wishers was declared open by Hon. R. Premadasa, MP, Prime Minister, who also was Chief Guest of the College Prize Giving the same day. During the period, the PTA supplied 1125 cushioned and steel chairs for use in the College Hall at a cost of Rs. 40,000/- while two side Pitches for Cricket and Modern Score Board were also provided.

Mr. A. M. Nahiya was appointed Vice Principal by the Board of Governors as from 15th of November, 1984.

The number of pupils had increased from 2000 in 1980 to 3500. The school presently gets a rant of approximately Rs. 200,000/- from the government. Arrangements are being made to open a branch of Zahira College at Maharagama. Professor M. T. A. Furkhan is handling this project.

The management of the College is now broad based and the Maradana Mosque Committee, the Old Boys Association, the PTA and the Welfare Society are all represented. These bodies have been throughout doing their utmost to ensure the progress and development of Zahira College.

I thank you all for listening to me so kindly and patiently. As for me it has been an exhilarating experience re-living in my mind the great saga of the emergence of English education for Muslims, the founding of Zahira College and the sacrifices made by an entire community for its survival and progress.

The Zahira College Centenary Committee is preparing a complete history of Zahira College in which any inadequacy of treatment on my part will be made good.

I believe with the founding fathers of Muslim education and Zahira College in the supreme value of education within the framework of Islamic way of life. I believe that the Muslim Community needs Zahira just as much as Zahira needs the Muslim Community and together in a symbiolic relationship fulfil the dreams of the founding fathers of Muslim education and the architects of Zahira College. The community has a great part to play in the life of the nation and it will be Zahira’s distinguished role to equip the community with the manpower and the will to face any challenge with the same confidence and courage as in the past. The past has been a glorious achievement Alhamdulillah !

Let the future be no less glorious as its historic past. Insha Allah !


Speech made by Mr. S.L.M. Shafi Marikkar (former Princiapl) at the Centenary Celebration of the college on 29th September, 1992.


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